November 14, 2015


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Hi football fans! My name is Allison and I am beyond thrilled to be starting my rookie year with Gotham City Cheerleaders for the 2015-2016 season!! Born and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania, where I’m from, in a small town, football is part of growing up. We have a traditional rivalry dating back 100+ years that brings both the state borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey together each year on Thanksgiving Day. With a huge bonfire built by the fans, students and support of the town the night before, I’m happy to say I’ve took part in such tradition, true Pennsylvania Style.

Although I’ve always been a dancer and cheerleader, I’ve been a supporter of the game from little on as I began an appreciation for the athleticism, discipline, team spirit and passion that goes into the sport Growing up with this tradition not only made me appreciate where I came from, but made me realize that there’s more to the game of football than talent. It requires heart, soul and passion for what is expected of success.

Coming from a musical family, music, dance, voice and theatre were a must in my daily routine growing up. I was in love with Broadway and the Big Apple as I would travel in for shows and classes on a monthly basis. If I wasn’t in dance class, I was in voice lessons, flute lessons or theatre practice. From rehearsal to rehearsal, the stage is where I always felt most comfortable and the studios were my home. Little did I know at the time that I would later one day incorporate my passion into professional sports venues.

Before moving to the great state of New York where I received a scholarship from Hofstra University’s Dance Program to follow my dreams in becoming a professional dancer, my years of dancing began at the age of three with competitions traveling throughout the tri-state area from partnering with a male partner at the age of 6 to doing solos up until graduation day. Through my college years at Hofstra University, I was fortunate to dance with many special guest artists and choreographers in numerous styles of dance including Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.

After graduation from Hofstra University with a BA in the Arts, my journey continued to Minor League Baseball Team for the NY Mets, The Brooklyn Cyclones where I danced and coached their dance team for 3 years. Although it wasn’t football, my experience there in Brooklyn, Coney Island with the fans was unforgettable. Dancing and cheering for a team with diehard fans and love for the game made me really thankful for what I was able to do and was privileged to support right along with them.

Although I am originally from Pennsylvania, since moving to New York my love for football continued and the New York Giants became my new favorite team. After timeless weeks of training, auditions and boot camp, I am truly blessed and honored to share and support the Big Blue Nation! I’m a person who loves quotes and below is one I like to live by:

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”

Let’s Go Big Blue!!!


Easton, PA


October 18th