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The parking lots have emptied, the stadium is home to concerts and events of the like, and Sunday dinners have resumed to normal serving sizes away from paper plates. Yes, the end of football season has arrived, but the Gotham City Cheerleaders have plenty to cheer for. The “off-season” allows the GCC ample time to reach out to the community for local events and appearances. Some cheerleaders may travel nationally and overseas for special performances, while other team members begin to re-train for next season and help with what is commonly known in the pro cheer word as “pre-audition workshops”. As professional athletes, maintaining top physical condition is a priority and helping newcomers get ready for audition season makes up the majority of the off season. The Giant Insider got an exclusive insight from calendar model, GCC Mariana stays in shape and gets herself feeling completely prepared to re-audition. Here is an excerpt of the story:

Going to the gym on a regular basis is an obvious must and with the New Year ‘resolution’ energy in the air, it’s not a difficult routine to manage. However, it’s the quality of training that Mariana says makes the difference between simply getting hyped for workout routines in the New Year and still going strong come mid February. Her mantra on an effective workout is “more reps, less weight, but never neglecting weights.” Being strong is important as a dancer and weight training is a good way to train the body differently than dance classes. A misconception is that lifting weights will develop bulky muscles, which is simply not something that the body develops unless you are on a high protein diet mixed in with very heavy, professional weight training. “When I do decide to use the weights and machines, I make sure it’s heavy enough where I feel the effort, but light enough that I can crank out 15-20 reps. This keeps my heart rate up, which is what helps in boosting metabolism and burning fat,” explains Mariana.Ms. December

While focusing on toning her muscles, Mariana enjoys doing a lot of cardio work, pilates classes, and yoga. They are great workout options that can be executed at varied levels of intensity, allowing her to do whatever amount she desires on that day. Being a trained ballet dancer, she also enjoys disciplining her body at the ballet barre. Ballet not only conditions your entire body, but it is the foundation of all dance. Therefore, improving your abilities in ballet, helps you succeed in any other style of dance. These different styles of exercise are a great way for Mariana to clear her mind. Mental wellness and a positive mindset are crucial parts of any workout regime and ultimately the key to a successful audition process. Mariana suggests:

“Making a daily routine is a must, but it must be a realistic one that you can stick to and feel a sense of achievement. When it gets tough, push harder because that’s when you know you are making a change.. The mind doesn’t know exactly how much the body is truly capable of until you find your limits and expand them! Never be afraid to push past the ‘edge of your cliff’ — that’s when we mature and grow as dancers.”

When it comes to the audition time, the physical portion is only a fraction of what gets you to the final rounds and ultimately on the team. Preparation in every aspect of performance is crucial; from the outfit you’re wearing to the way that you dance. Feeling comfortable will always affect your movement and Mariana believes the confidence increase with the months of training beforehand. Be sure to wear something that will make you stand out, as well as feel great about yourself. Should you get a call back, it’s normally a good idea to be consistent in your outfit choice. It helps choreographers/judges remember who you are and what you brought to the table the day before.

The GCC motto is “WERK” (Working with Excellence, Respect and Knowledge). There’s no better way to describe how to behave at an audition than this.

Working hard means take this as a serious as any other job. Dancing with excellence may not necessarily mean that the dancer nails every move given. Rather, it means that the dancer puts every effort, every sweat drop into each movement to the best of their ability. This translates to the judges that they are a pleasure to work with, as well as “moldable” into whatever styles the choreographer/judges are looking for.

Respect. Be mindful of what is given to you, and be aware that judges are always looking at a dancer’s etiquette. If you are chosen, you will be representing their brand. Be aware that talking, dancing on the side when it’s not your turn, and “marking” steps are all things that are extremely noticed and taken into consideration while making cuts.

Knowledge. Do your research and have background information on what you are auditioning for, and who will be in attendance at the audition. Whether it’s an NFL team, a broadway show, or a dance company; each have specific information on what to bring, how to act, and what is expected.

Auditioning for things may be intimidating, but the more you audition the easier it will become. It never becomes EASY, but will get EASIER with experience. Even three year veterans on the team still get butterflies at auditions because you are always replaceable in the professional world. As Mariana says, “there is no Staples ‘Easy Button’ to the world of auditioning!”

The GCC are now taking all audition applications in preparation for workshops and dance classes to introduce interested candidates to the style and culture of the GCC family. Most teams and companies have a pre-audition process and the first step is getting your feet moving in that atmosphere to gauge where one is in the training process. Audition information or any questions can be sent via email

As a first year member, Mariana can say the hard WERK pays off. She made the team and was featured as Ms. December in the GCC’s football calendar. To all the performers out there, start early, get an evaluation and stick to it.

See how the GCC can help you build a strong map to success: Introductory Pro Workshop Class

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